Monday, June 13, 2011

let's TEA party!!!!

morning dawns over bohemia on a very SPECIAL day!!! a very special PARTY day. a very special TEA party day... follow your curiosity and take the trail through the enchanted forest... enter through the gate as the gatekeeper beckons... into a magical world of tea party goodness! Look!! the mad, mad, mad hatter is here! and the doormouse is waiting, impatiently for teatime to start. the tea table is set with all kinds of goodness and looking so inviting... come closer and see... desserts of various kinds ("stressed" spelled backwards is "desserts"... did you know that?), lacy trays of wonderland shortbread... try one, try two... won't you? sweet and romantic sugar cubes.... just the thing for your cup of sweet tea! and a tiny Alice, sipping tea beside the hatter's big hat... does every party goer need a hat? this one is too big for Alice, i think... she likes this orange one better, but it is too large also. Alice strolls through the wonderland garden... did you know flowers could talk? she has quite a curious conversation with a blue caterpillar there... he claims the bohemian is quite mad! as mad as the hatter! using the key she finds there in the garden birdbath, she enters a small room and finds the drink which makes her shrink and the cake which makes her grow...or is it the other way around? it matters not that much to her but she is really enjoying her time being her own "mini-me"... perhaps she'll eat some cake later on. she hopes you enjoyed stopping by for tea... and hopes you never forget about wonderland... and that you'll visit whenever you can! the bohemian reminds you: don't forget to stop and let your mouth hang open in awe whenever you see heart-stopping beauty! and use that imagination of yours to color your world in whatever way makes you smile... have a playful day! why is Chessie still hanging around with that mysterious grin?! ( For lots more tea party fun, pop over to A Fanciful Twist... for a list of all the tea parties happening today!)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

atwitter in bohemia...

 why are the bohemian fairies all atwitter?
 and why is Chessie hanging round the bohemian's craft room?
 the bohemian queried the doormouse... he yawned and answered...
" it's almost time for something!!! "   
"don't be late for tea!!"
wishing you all sweet summer tea times
and do pop by A Fanciful Twist on June 25th for her Mad Hatter's Tea blog hop!

artist trading cards

this is a set...
of Artist Trading Cards...
made for an exchange group put together by lovely mermaid Carmen...