Thursday, May 27, 2010

how green (and wet) is my valley....

the bohemian is regretful that it has been awhile since she blogged. weeks, if fact... since before she ran away to her retreat. oh it was so peaceful and beautiful! and very restful! and, O, the food she was fed!!! and best of all: she was served a dinner someone else fixed and when she was done the dishes were whisked out of sight and washed up by elves and faeries in the kitchen! o! yes! there was lots of resting and meditating and flower sniffing and water songs... only one shy swan this year... he was fishing and his little behind kept bobbing straight up in the air... it amused the bohemian to no end! all the rhodies were in bloom...every color one could imagine... and still some tulips were blooming, though it was the tail end of the tulip season. and the weather cooperated magnificently! it was gorgeously sunny! and even some of the magnolias were still showing off their blossoms... oh yes, a little heaven on earth. lovely peonies at her royal daughter's house. and even some curious cloud formations... and then the rain came down. and stayed and stayed. and stayed.... green. and wet. two words to describe the bohemian's environment. even her party lights did nothing to brighten the days... the majestic bohemian mountain went into hiding. but the memory of the week before was a bohemian treasure no weather sprite could ever take away... yes, her mountains would come out again. soon. she hoped. wishing blue sunny skies to everyone and a feast of flower colors for your eyes. don't forget to play. even if it's raining and you have to play indoors.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

it's a random day...

oh hidden mountain... oh shy, introverted mountain... won't you come out to play?
the bohemian got another tag folder put together. she trying all kinds of sizes to see what she likes best...
inside (no decorations on the tags yet)
oh yes she did!! the non-quilter got sucked into the quilting wonderland and made this raggy quilt bag just for spring! and yes, it IS hard to get anything done when you have a good book... someone stayed up late because she couldn't put it down!! yawn! where IS spring, the bohemian wonders... she catches glimpses of it but then it goes behind the veil of clouds. same with her bohemian mountain! well... she is SO looking forward to running away and retreating this weekend! the swans, the rhodies, the waterfalls, the food...(did she forget to mention the chocolate again?) restful weekend wishes to you and may water music sweetness fill your days...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

her blue heaven...

the bohemian awoke to see her blue mountain's majesty a bit hazed out in the early morning light. but the bohemian was so glad to see sunshine, she sang a little ditty on the way to her exercise/scrabble friend's house. oh my, how sore was the bohemian's body!! she had been rooting out evil spellbinder bushes all the afternoon before... lots of groaning was heard from the dungeon torture...i mean back home, she smiled to see (and SMELL) her dark purple lilacs blooming. of course, these were her FAVORITE (for this week, anyways...).
she is teaching a little workshop on tag folders at her next get-together of her stamping friends, so she made up some as examples, and just to see what she could do with them.
she hasn't put anything on these tags yet but she likes how the book turned out.
(inside with tags)
(the tags)
and guess where she's running off to THIS weekend! to this lovely little park-like conference grounds for the women's retreat with the ladies from her church!! it is so restful here. the grounds are just full of flowers and trails and running waterfalls and streams... and usually some baby swans... oh yes. she IS looking forward to this weekend! (did she forget to mention the chocolate...?!) by late afternoon, the haze had burned away but her mountains were snuggling down under their fluffy, fleece blanket... while the sun played hide-and-go-seek with the cloudlets overhead. happy fleecey snuggly warm-your-heart wishes to you all. go outside and play!!!