Wednesday, May 12, 2010

it's a random day...

oh hidden mountain... oh shy, introverted mountain... won't you come out to play?
the bohemian got another tag folder put together. she trying all kinds of sizes to see what she likes best...
inside (no decorations on the tags yet)
oh yes she did!! the non-quilter got sucked into the quilting wonderland and made this raggy quilt bag just for spring! and yes, it IS hard to get anything done when you have a good book... someone stayed up late because she couldn't put it down!! yawn! where IS spring, the bohemian wonders... she catches glimpses of it but then it goes behind the veil of clouds. same with her bohemian mountain! well... she is SO looking forward to running away and retreating this weekend! the swans, the rhodies, the waterfalls, the food...(did she forget to mention the chocolate again?) restful weekend wishes to you and may water music sweetness fill your days...


  1. Oh wow, look at you, quilting! It's been quilty goodness all over the blogosphere this month; I'v never done it but am wanting to! Enjoy your retreat!

  2. Wherefore art thou, sunshine and cloudless days? I've been wondering that very thing. At least it has been giving me moments of not raining between the downpours. And I have to say the rain makes the weeds easy to pull!
    Love your darling tag folder and oh no you DID-ent! go and quilt something, haha! That is a delightfully fun bag!