Tuesday, May 11, 2010

her blue heaven...

the bohemian awoke to see her blue mountain's majesty a bit hazed out in the early morning light. but the bohemian was so glad to see sunshine, she sang a little ditty on the way to her exercise/scrabble friend's house. oh my, how sore was the bohemian's body!! she had been rooting out evil spellbinder bushes all the afternoon before... lots of groaning was heard from the dungeon torture...i mean EXERCISE...room. back home, she smiled to see (and SMELL) her dark purple lilacs blooming. of course, these were her FAVORITE (for this week, anyways...).
she is teaching a little workshop on tag folders at her next get-together of her stamping friends, so she made up some as examples, and just to see what she could do with them.
she hasn't put anything on these tags yet but she likes how the book turned out.
(inside with tags)
(the tags)
and guess where she's running off to THIS weekend! to this lovely little park-like conference grounds for the women's retreat with the ladies from her church!! it is so restful here. the grounds are just full of flowers and trails and running waterfalls and streams... and usually some baby swans... oh yes. she IS looking forward to this weekend! (did she forget to mention the chocolate...?!) by late afternoon, the haze had burned away but her mountains were snuggling down under their fluffy, fleece blanket... while the sun played hide-and-go-seek with the cloudlets overhead. happy fleecey snuggly warm-your-heart wishes to you all. go outside and play!!!


  1. Just absolutely gorgeous! And that's some crafty goodness up there!

  2. B-E-A-utiful! (I doubly like the title because I'm quite fond of Fats Domino, heehee)

    Those tag folders are darling! I love all the detail in them.