Thursday, April 29, 2010

singin' the blues...

if life gives you mud...go clam digging!! yum... on the way to her lake artist friend's house, the bohemian was thrilled to glimpse the magic island that only appears once every now and again... there is was, hovering in the mist... it faded quickly and was gone and the clouds rolled in to obscure the lake and drop silver raindrops upon the bohemian's conveyence and once again she was glad she was not back in the horse and buggy days... as soon as she got home, she turned on every party light in her cottage to combat the wicked blue drizzle spell laid upon her valley... wishing golden beams of joy to slice through the any dark blue clouds obscuring your way today. happy creating and may you have tons of time to play...


  1. Oh my you live in SUCH beauty! It's wonderful that you obviously relish it...thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the party lights, they make everything look magical

  3. Wow! That is beautiful....A magical island.
    It looks as though you have your own magical island with twinkling lights too.

  4. Your photos and journal pages are awesome. It is always fun to drop in and see what is posted.

  5. omg!!!!!!!!!!
    is that your kitchen too???
    dear i can see why you want to play with mud
    i bet the mud is beautiful too ;-)
    i am soooooo lucky to have you as my friend