Tuesday, April 13, 2010

weather forecast: mercurial...in the elemental way, not the ups and downs way...

the above statement is an editorial and IS necessarily the opinion of the author... our bohemian awoke to the sound of the rain pitter-pattering outside her bedroom window. she peered through the window and saw.... a landscape of mercurial silver. silvery crystal waterdrops lay like beads over everything; the leaves, the phone wires, the windowpanes. with a polonged sigh, our bohemian dressed and descended the stairs to find that there was no warm crackly fire in the woodstove. no hot coffee awaiting. no spring day. ."find the silver lining," whispered her window faerie. a much-needed reminder on such a day as this...! but everything was so grey as she drove to the home of her "scrabble/workout friend". grey clouds, grey fog, grey puddles, grey-black pavement glistening with its rain covering... and hours later, more of the same as she drove home again. her beloved mountain huddled behind a veil of mercurial silver and grey-blue. she felt a little blue, herself. but, of course, ART SAVED her! there in her daily pages were reminders... silver mirth!!! what a lovely thought! and yet... then she found a treasure of a lovely memory: this is a page her friend created in her beach round robin book. the background papers were specially made by the friends from pictures taken while at the beach. and the little insert sticking out to the right side was a little project the friend had done while there at the ocean. she had asked everyone to write a little note describing what the ocean meant to them, what they loved about being there. the bohemian had forgotten even writing these! there they were, tucked inside to be read and remembered with a smile... and the bohemian also found other pages she had created that made her smile. here are some to share with you... the bohemian sincerely hopes you are SMILING now! she wishes bright shiny silver linings to ALL your clouds today. prismy, crystally, tender wishes to you all.... don't forget to play!


  1. Those pages absolutely did make me smile and actually laugh out loud (frightened the sleeping cat even).

    I have beautiful sunshine today at my friend's house (at MY house there are just clouds) so I'm enjoying it while I can! I'm sending some "virtual sun" your direction... :)

  2. Thanks for the congrats...I can't believe I've posted 800 times! And lovely photos of your environment, as usual. It must be quite inspiring.