Monday, April 19, 2010

the flight of the bohemian...

but firstly though... here is the page she created for karen's book in carmen's "art saves" round robin... created with acrylic paints, a packing tape transfer of a magazine image, key/heart and button embellishments and a quote from rumi. it turned out darker than she wanted but still. she's happy with it. and loves LOVES the quote... her "ride" awaits... "her" bohemian" mountains... her pilot... her bohemian valley... her bohemian cottage (bottom middle house south of the road)... her nearby bohemian lake... her artist friend's lakeview studio is at the south end of this lovely lake! the bohemian drives around the edge of the lake to get to her friend's house... such a beautiful thursday morning drive... "her" ocean with its wonderful islands and ferryboats... what a lovely flight she had!!! beautiful sunny day, with grand vistas! and then good food and good company! all in honor of being married to her Honey for 30 years... don't forget to play today!!! flights of fancy wishes to you all...


  1. Oh, wow, such scenery! I'll never see it from that angle, though, because I'm terrified of flying, especially in small planes. Just don't imagine I could ever do it. Good for you, though--and amazing shots of glorious nature!

  2. God bless your heart and your husband and your whole family
    i am very happy to hear of your happiness
    hugs and a big kiss, too
    (and apologize for being late)