Thursday, April 1, 2010

bohemian weather faerie scandal...

here she is, the weather faerie of bohemia... what in the world is she doing?! it's cold then it's warm; it's sunny then it's raining; it's blowing a balmy warm wind then the wind becomes like a knife. she is SO very confused! oh but wait! the scandal is.... she is twitterpated!!! she has a crush on a snowman and can't bear to say goodbye... yes, she even has the weatherman calling for more snow!?! SIGH!! our bohemian is caught up in a swirly twirly condition that's leaving her absolutely dizzy!!! is she warm or is she cold? wait for 10 minutes and it will all change... her windowsill faerie is voting for SPRING!!! she has been so enjoying the spring flowers... but if the bohemian lets her nice warm fire die out then she's cold. if she keeps it stoked up, then she has to throw open the doors and windows in the afternoon because it gets too hot. hmmmm... time for the rosy-colored glasses: no hurricanes, floods or tornadoes. no earthquakes or bombings. no life-threatening illness. home...check. clothes...check. food...check. okay. life is good and she is so blessed! let the weather rage... she did have a lovely time in town with the two royal daughters. they stepped through the old iron gates, up the wooden steps to the open window of this quirky little diner, where they then dined on delicious fish and chips. cold drinks?! not for the bohemian but the royal daughters are made of tougher stuff. they braved the cold knife-sharp wind until it drove them indoors, and still they were smiling. the bohemian went purposefully outside to document the certainty of spring, with the assistance of the ghost cat. these lovely purple flowers (our bohemian once knew the name of) she calls periwinkles. they are bravely trying to bloom out. as are the miniture white magnolias (they were a "guilt gift" from Her Honey after he killed her other magnolia tree!). and the bumblebee buffet (which she calls her honeysuckle) is in full bloom and smells heavenly. and these flower bushes she calls faerie breath because she doesn't know what they are either. isn't it fun to make up names for flowering bushes?! much more fun then simply looking the names up and immediately forgetting them.... (who? ME?!!) so. there you have it. it IS srping! it IS! she will have to put mr. snowman away and break up this scandalous romance NOW! nip it in the bud, as it were... wishing golden sun-shiny wishes to all! look through those rosy-colored glasses and see it, no matter WHAT the weather is doing!!! don't forget to play...


  1. The Weather Faerie in love with a snowman - oh that made me laugh! And you know what? That is the ONLY logical explanation for weather this time of year!

    Mmm fish & chips! One of my favorites! And I have to admit that I favor ICED tea even in the coldest of weather.

    What lovely flowers you have blooming! And I love the "bumblebee buffet" - in fact if I get too close to mine a bumblebee flies circles around my head telling me to go find my own food.

  2. Love this faerie tale! And what a great little diner!!