Monday, April 5, 2010

"Spring is here. Why doesn't my heart go dancinng?" Lorenz Hart

SKY ART! artist: God. you know how the bohemian loves her sky art!!! it was a beautiful windy spring day. for one moment, the rain had ceased and the sun pierced the veil of clouds... glorious! and she smiled as she entered her back door and came into the porch... here were her lovely nuts gathered in autumn and awaiting her notice...wanting to be eaten! walnuts and hazelnuts (her favorite!), fallen from her very own trees in her very own yard... perhaps some nut butter...? easter celebration: the bohemian has a gifted friend who always makes the most beautiful still life art inside their church building. here was her offerings for the easter season: the bohemian's church's easter program was a live "Last supper". it was staged on the basis of the famous painting of the last supper of Jesus and his disciples. the bohemian did not get pictures of the live people as she was singing in the choir at the time. all the disciples were introduced and the congregation shared in communion as "Jesus" and His disciples shared their "first" communion. then the disciples were dismissed one by one and the rest of their story was told...most of them were martyred for their faith in Jesus. it was so moving, so emotion-filled and beautiful! a wonderful program. more of the bohemian's friend's fabulous still-lifes.... notice the banner is hung from an antique trombone... creative and clever! and the bohemian's spring dish towels are out again in her kitchen, proclaiming the season with joyous colors and happy admonitions!!! may your spring be lovely and full of the delightful symbols of the season: blooming flowers, happily buzzing bees, early morning songbirds, frog lullabys at night (my spell check did not like the way i spelled lullabies, suggesting that maybe i meant "wallaby" or "hullabaloo instead?!!). go forth and make hullabaloo (uproar), my friends, as you revel in springtime! and don't forget to PLAY!!


  1. every single picture is so beautiful!!!!

  2. Although the rain is getting a bit tedious I have been anjoying my sky art as well since every night around sunset the clouds part enough to give me some beautiful pink streaks of fluff!

    Those still lifes are fantastic!

  3. Wow, Shari, your church really did a fantastic job of setting the spirit! NICE!!