Thursday, February 14, 2013

she had it...

yeah, she had it. she moped around bohemia for a month...  no, not any of the flu variations that are going around (although she did get one of those). no. she got an artist's block! of all things!!  she tried many times to get here and post another blog post. but every time she put a few pics on the blank screen....  blank brain. nothing. nada. and it's not even like there was nothing happening!!  she ran off to her annual craft retreat weekend (well... 5 days, actually) beside the sea...
ATCs created beside the sea at her annual craft retreat

and she spent a very long day at the hospital with her royal sister, who was having neck surgery.
ATCs created beside the sea at her annual craft retreat
and she spent a long day at a recovery center, visiting a friend recovering from a knee replacement and sat in on a business meeting which they held there, bedside...
ATC created beside the sea at her annual craft retreat
and then she came home and spent two long days in the hospital awaiting the arrival of the new faerie grandbaby! (she DID arrive! pics soon...)

snowflake ATC's for trading with an artist friend
and all the days in between seem to go by in a blur of tiredness, errands, naps and artist block.  but today. today she finally forced herself to sit still long enough to post a bit. just so you knew she was still around. still blissfully happy in bohemia.  loving her life. playing it to the fullest.

snowflake ATCs to trade with an artist friend
two had tags...this is what the tags looked like.
and so, with a whole month gone, behind her, lost in the mental fog somewhere, she wishes you a FANTASTC valentine's day and hopes that you are surrounded by the ones you love. don't forget to tell them how much you love them.  in  a gushy, mushy way... or sedately, if that's what they require. but DO tell them!! 
there be pirates!! the bohemian (right) and her sister pirates
and next time there will be pirate pictures from her craft retreat weekend by the sea...
practice random acts of art!  this one was as a restaurant table while awaiting a lovely meal.  the crayons aren't there just for the kiddies, you know...