Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter is happening...

It's a winter wonderland in Bohemia today! The bohemian is LOVING it! the glittery sparkle, the frosty cold, the drama of the icy white snow on dark forest green trees... mmmmmmm... the bohemian went to a card-making workshop... she was NOT in love with the colors of these cards but she can use them as "how-to" samples. this one is a pinwheel card and has a little bit of dimension to it...the little contrasting colors on the petals are folded and stick up somewhat. a valentine... again, NOT in love with the colors but hey, embossing on vellum is always magical fun! and a candy pocket. in love with swirls and the tiny vellum pocket with adorable silver heart on the front. the bohemian's Craft Retreat is coming up fast! the theme: Alice In Wonderland. the bohemian's sister gave her this little "Alice" zippered bag. and inside was... this fabulous necklace with all kinds of "Alice" charms dangling from it!!! and mad hatter earrings. and some black tights with tiny silver hearts. So fun! the bohemian CANNOT wait to go on retreat and craft for 4 full days with about 40 other crafty ladies. at the BEACH, no less! yeah. come on, February! the bohemian will not be teaching a workshop this year as her craft room got packed up and put away for the 3 months she was gone to Costa Rica and it's not UNpacked yet... so she is totally unorganized this year. sigh. (but there WILL be dressing up in costumes! and pictures of it all!!) 3 more weeks, 3 more weeks,3 more weeks... UPDATE: that faerie/snowman romance is on again! stay tuned for more scandalous gossip! Hope you are having a wonderful after-the-holidays, cozy winter wonderland kind of month... don't forget to go out and play (bundle up first!!) and always make time for ART! frosty, glitter wishes to you all!

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  1. Hope you're enjoying some tea or hot cocoa on a wintry day! I love the pinwheel cards...super cute! And the Alice necklace is fab! Thanks for stopping by for my 1,000th post!