Monday, March 28, 2011

signs of Spring...

*butterflies appearing...on bushes, on party decorations, on cards. (this card made by the bohemian at her crafty sister-in-laws' artsy fartsy "play house". a vellum butterfly is layered on a patterned paper butterfly. the card is dry embossed for the raised design effect.) *coffee!! outdoors!! what could be better to the bohemian than a latte and muffin outdoors? sharing it with her oldest daughter! *crocuses blooming! beautiful purple gorgeousness... with a spicy dash of yellow-orange. *HOPE. (card made by the bohemian using ribbon, border punch, stamps and embossing powder on kraft-colored cardstock) Spring brings joy and HOPE in so many ways. the promise of warmth and light returning. the beautiful blooming of flowers. the beginning seeds of garden harvests to come. more time outdoors (for those of us who live in the northwest corner of the country). wishing you Springtime hopes and the heady fragrance of flower-filled rooms... don't forget to make time play and create!!!

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  1. your daughter is so pretty
    snd love that card in the very end a lot
    hugs my dear friend

    p.s. i can't comment with my website