Tuesday, April 12, 2011

retreating into restfulness...

with the weather being so unnervingly fickle around bohemia these days, the bohemian wasn't sure how her retreat to the garden lands would turn out... but there was a time of sunshine and glory. the bohemian got to sit and soak... soak up sun's warmth, soak up restorative water songs, soak up the Creator's beautiful blooming nature, soak up the love and companionship of sisters and friends. her afternoon stroll took her past this sundial with this hope-filled quote inscribed upon it. she smiled... only the earliest of the spring blooms were showing off... her pathway took her up the hillside through the rhodie bushes not yet decked out in their spectacular array of color... past the music of cascading water... and the happiness of the daffodils. forsythia blooms showed off their brilliant yellow shades to the blue, blue sky. a few azaleas had bravely burst into color, ignoring the late snow and frosts. so many paths beckoning... she found her favorite daffodils blooming. and a new variety she's never seen before. her NEW favorites!! yes it was a very restful time for her, followed by a baby shower for her coming first grandchild!! then some more art time making cards and some more music time, playing her bass guitar in her church group. then rescuing her car from the mechanic and handing over lots of $$$ for it to be better. then today...a day of bright sunshine and a quiet house. and some art time... don't forget to play today! find some daffodils smiling at you and smile back at them. watch the herd babies frolic in the pastures. pass your smiles on to whomever you meet. flower-fragrance wishes to you...


  1. Congrats on becoming a grandmother--how fantastic! (I became a great-aunt a year ago, wow). And the photos are so lovely. That hillside must be breathtaking once the rhodies burst into bloom. Ahhh, lovely!

  2. Hello, I was soaking up the loveliness of your pictures and when I saw the water wheel house I sat up straight.... and then the rhodie hill... and I said, "This HAS to be Cedar Springs!" My husband has worked off and on at Cedar Springs (he built the water wheel house! the wife proudly says) it is one of whatcom county's best kept secrets I think. Love going there no matter what time of year. Love your blog and look forward to more readings.