Tuesday, July 5, 2011

the magic of molten glass...

come with the bohemian to a nearby artisan village... where there awaits a world of glowing light and dazzling color... enter the open doors to the "HOT SHOP", if you dare... watch as the glass artist heats your gob of molten glass... as he rolls it in wet cherry wood to smooth it... as he heats and rolls it again to shape it... pick out you favorite colors... and watch as he rolls that molten glob in the colored shards... wait patiently in the back corner on your tall stool... in your goofy glasses (safety glasses? the artist tells you they are just for his entertainment...) for your turn to blow your glass into a globe... ready? okay. blow gently... snip....! there it lies, in its soft bed, your lovely purple and green glowing magic ball!!! wasn't that fun? and not as scary as it sounded at first! away goes your magic ball into the cooling cupboard so it can cool slowly for the next day or two... watch as your friends make their own magic bowls... as you leave, don't walk into the sliding GLASS door. they've posted a helpful note... now go sit serenely beside the watery channel. visit with your friend, eat crab cake sandwiches and drink iced coffee... no, you don't have to share anything with the bird, even if he IS begging... the next day, CELEBRATE the freedoms of the wonderful country you are privileged to live in. God bless our own United States of America!!! red, white, and blue sparkly wishes to you and yours...


  1. Ooh, how amazing...I always love to watch people blow glass--and you did it yourself! Can't wait to see your final creation!

  2. MAGICAL!! Those beautiful glass orbs! Those colors are absolutely enchanting! Laughing over the sign on the door, but I can only imagine the laughs the situations that prompted it would cause. Haha! Great shot of the pigeon, too! Hope you had yourself a wonderful 4th of July.