Saturday, September 17, 2011

gypsy traveling...

the gypsy carriage... the bohemian's sister's convertible. travelers included the bohemian, her sister, and her brother-in-law, whose good driving took them 4000 miles partway across the country and back... ...driving with the top down. it's amazing how much more you can see this way!!! some of the bohemian's favorite sights: the talking moose head, where the bohemian enjoyed a gigantic huckleberry ice cream cone... Sitting Bull's memorial... (that person is the bohemian's brother, who lives in S. Dakota, and so became their tour guide...) a petrified wood sculpture park... very Dr. Seuss-ish!!! her favorite piece of kitschy art was this scrap metal cowboy riding a tyrannosaurus... look at all the wonderful pieces of rusted metal!!! and the way it was all put together... so COOL!! since the bohemian loves rusty metal so much, this was a delightful eye-candy sight! made her wish she knew how to WELD!!! an original antique Winnie the Pooh book spotted in a museum during Fun N Beef Days!! a glorious sunset behind her brother's house in S. Dakota... gorgeous!! not a dandelion but a puffy wish maker, none-the-less!! kitschy Wall Drug Store in Wall, S. Dakota... gift shops, antiques, cowboy stuff, eating places, stuffed buffalo, the usual unusual tourist stuff. hours of fun to be had!! Mt. Rushmore... bronze buffalo statues were everywhere, a lot of them painted in murals or folk art patterns. the bohemian loved them but had no where to put such a collection, so she left them where they stood. she might have gotten in big trouble for collecting, anyways... the bohemian and her sister, riding along with the top down, enjoying the scenic byways... a pronghorn in a meadow in the Custer State Park on the wildlife loop... and THESE guys!!! they were EVERYWHERE!!! our tax dollars at work... the bohemian, her sister and her brother... siblings having a blast together!! you can bet your bottom dollar, the bohemian stayed on the sidewalk here!!! close up encounter with a buffalo... a little unnerving with the top down and the animal taller than your car!! he could have slime-licked the bohemian in a heart-beat! so glad he didn't! and of course, a visit to Old Faithful, still spouting on time after all these years. the bohemian had such a wonderful gypsy-traveling time! but she's glad to be back to her little cottage by her bohemian mountain. sad to say farewell to summer but O how lovely is the Fall season!! bring it on! enjoy the last vestiges of summer in your neck of the woods and start your decorating for the holidays to come... Happy Fall, y'all!!!


  1. What a wonderful picture post!! I love seeing those beautiful places. I have been to Wall Drug and Mt Rushmore but it was over 30 years ago and I traveled with my parents and little brother in a motorhome. How special to get to take that trip in a convertible AND with your siblings!! That will be a memory to treasure forever I am sure. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a fantastic trip--love the folk art. AND: the black-and-white photo of the not-dandelion is quintessential foziewisp material!