Monday, March 19, 2012

the not- quite-ready-for-spring-weather-pattern...

obviously there will be no gardening done in these garden boxes this day in bohemia! although the bohemian did wander by and pull out some old weeds. but, alas, the birdfeeder is snow-covered and the strawberry basket is frozen. and after a moment, the chill wind sent her scurrying indoors to the warmth of her woodstove fire.. oh see! the valiant rhodie bud clinging to life under the chill of its snow blanket... but the bohemian mountains have been love, love, loving the snowfall! and look... there on the windowsill! something wonderful is about to happen... Ruby amaryllis wishes to you!! keep hope in your heart...kite-flying weather is coming!


  1. happy first day of spring... no matter what the weather is doing today!

  2. Soooo lovely! I had two amaryllises (amarylli?) this year, and neither one of them ever bloomed (boo!). I finally put them outside...