Tuesday, April 10, 2012

a few bohemian days... DAY 1: the fairy grandchild...

hi, grandma... what do you mean, am i messing up your magazines? of course not! ok, well maybe... but i'm too cute for you to mind, right? DAY 2: workshop with the card exchange group... shaker cards: peer into the window... punched flowers wiggle around in joyful spring fashion... wild cats are among the bohemian's favorite animals. so when she found this one in a "cut-up" magazine, she wanted to use it! inside the circle window...tiny microbeads dancing with the snowflakes. and... an artist trading card... bohemian-ish, don't you think? makes the bohemian feel like dancing and singing on the mountaintop... oh wait. that's been done already. and two 2-page spreads done in a friend's "birds & scriptures" round robin altered book... bird-song wishes and mountain-top joy to you today... have you hugged your inner child today?

1 comment:

  1. Cute! The pages AND the grandbaby--she looks like a perfect little Gerber girl!