Thursday, May 17, 2012

the rest of the story...

O! look! up there in the yard!!
the bohemian has ALWAYS wanted an outdoor room!

but living in the pacific northwest makes it challenging at best. it's not the best year-round outdoor weather type of place. the bohemian is going to try it anyways!!! her prince charming bought her this lovely gazebo, spent 2 hours with her on the day before Mother's Day assembling it in 80 degree weather (which is VERY warm, for up here!), and then BBQing out there the next day for her and the royal children and the fairy granddaughter... it was  maaaahvelous!!!!
 of  COURSE she decorated it!

and now look! she has this lovely outdoor space in which to eat her breakfast and drink her coffee and...
and a special place out in the open air to make some art!!!
this art project you see on her table is for a very special friend of hers. this friend bought a large picture at a department store and when she got it up on her wall, she didn't like how it fit the space. so the bohemian is taking small portions of the large piece and making two smaller complementary pieces to go with it.  the bohemian is just full of joy to be able to sit outdoors with the breeze blowing and the sun shining and create art.  hope there's lots of art-making time in your day today. and that the warmth of the sun is embracing you. and that the spring breeze is caressing your hair...   okay, the bohemian got carried away there for a minute. happy outdoorsy wishes to you and yours...


  1. how lovely!! i love being able to 'live outdoors' and yes, we don't really get to do that very often here do we? enjoy!!

  2. oh how lovely! Virginia Woolf--"a room of one's own"--would be proud (and amazed, since I don't think this would work in England!). A sweet husband (like mine!).