Wednesday, June 2, 2010

art dreams...

after reading an inspiring book called "In the House", the bohemian just had to make a house of her very own. but what kind? a mosaic house? a garden house? a gothic mansion? one of the book artists made a "House for naughty children"... this made the bohemain laugh out loud! so. she decided on a house of dreams for her first house (for she could see many, many houses wanting to be created...). the address is #10 dream st. she will make 4 outsides with the inside on the opposite side. above are her first two outsides... and here are the first two insides... here is a card for her card exchange group. the challenge: monochromatic . the stripey strips are some of her paste paper creations. the rest is store-bought scrappers papers. here are two random cards she made using a mosaic template. and here is a card she made using her favorite dragonfly stamp. the store-bought handmade paper was already bedazzled for her. and two father's day cards using that same wonderful stamp (by stamping up). she taught her tag folder class today and made a few more folders. but they aren't quite finished. of course, yes, she will post them as soon as they are finished! i do hope you are finding time to make art. creating art is certainly saving the bohemian's sanity on these never-ending drizzly days of ceaseless rain.... messy, creative, colorfilled wishes to you all....


  1. Wow, Shari, you certainly keep your creativity flowing! It's awesome!

  2. beautiful!!!!
    i have that book! love it!
    i think there is a new book by those authors but i haven't seen yet it is about gardens
    heyy your part of the world is looking all colorful super! big yay to that!