Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"flowers feed the soul..."

"Bread feeds the body indeed, but flowers feed also the soul." - the Koran "If a flower blooms once, it goes on blooming somewhere forever. It blooms on for whoever has seen it blooming." - william h. armstrong oh how the bohemian needed to see these gorgeous peonies that were proudly showing off in the royal daughter's abode! the weather nymph has been in such a tantrum lately and the bohemian has begun to wonder if there ever really WAS a mountain there outside her picture window... even the sun breaks have decreased at an alarming rate. the bohemian stayed indoors under her cozy blanket most of the long weekend. she felt sorry for anyone camping, although they should have known better anyways. so she stays in her nice warm, dry cottage and waits somewhat impatiently for the gray drizzly curtain which hides her mountain to be pulled aside... although, with her rosy-colored glasses on, it could conceivably be thought to be a lovely purple and silver-sequined veil of a curtain... colorful, flower-scented wishes to all. and may this day be filling to your soul!

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  1. So know from my blog that I ADORE peonies. They don't grow here, really--not enough chill hours--but for a brief glorious moment you can buy them, for cheap, at Trader Joe's!