Sunday, July 11, 2010

standing on the deck of her neighboring cafe, the bohemian smiled to herself. it was such a lovely week of summer they were having in bohemia! while awaiting the arrival of her favorite lunch sandwich, she wandered out to the little peddlers' market set up under colorful umbrellas in the overflow parking area. there she bought two lovely magical handblown glass treasures. she was so happy to be having lunch with her honey here just a short walk from their cottage. many motorcycle riders had stopped to take their lunches at such a picturesque roadstop. looking out onto the patio/picnic/concert/horseshoe/party area behind the grill, she spied a lonely hula hoop looking for someone to swirly twist with... but her days of swirly twisting were behind her. hula hoops did nothing but put her back out these days... what was really needed was a curly-headed scallywag with a lovely and infectious belly-laugh and boundless energy... sadly there seemed to be none available at the moment. still, the bohemian enjoyed her yummy BLT to the utmost fullest!! and yes, she did say "YUM" right out loud...she always did. drove her honey crazy! but hey! you can't fault someone for enjoying something to the utmost fullest, can you?!! no, she thought not.... the day before, the bohemian had spent a lovely day crafting with her royal mother. these are some of the creations that sprang from her imagination: the blue card is three dimensional as shown below... outside in the afternoon sun, the bohemian smiled at the sight of the cat lopping contentedly beneath the sunny yellow summer flowers that delight the bohemian every single year!! although, if you look closely, you can see that the evil spellbinder bushes (blackberry vines) are trying to divide and conquer. they are so stinking healthy this year!!!! boo to the thorniness, yea to the berries coming later... the bohemian wishes and hopes that there is time for you in your world to lop contentedly in the summer sun. and very soon. and if you purr like that cat, that's completely alright with her. she just thinks EVERBODY does that anyways when they are happy and content. or eating something delicious. like ice cream dripping with raspberries fresh off their vines. or coffee with real cream and honey. or... or.... or.... WHAT IS YOUR "OR..."? she'd love to know..... warm summer purrrfectly satisfying and swirly twirly wishes to you all.


  1. Bohemia is beautiful. I want lunch at that cafe.
    It's so hot here the only thing purring is the breeze box fan.

  2. Oh my: "purple mountains' majesty" indeed! Just lovely...and the cafe looks and sounds heavenly. An old-fashioned milkshake is my "OR"--I hardly ever have them and swoon when I do!