Sunday, July 18, 2010

simple pleasures...

simple pleasures are life's greatest treasures... it's perhaps cliche but oh so true! it feels like its time for another gratitude fling! and so my list begins: my bohemian mountain majesty; the gorgeous sunny days we have been having; the balmy breeze that keeps it cool... this gift of a pashmina silk scarf from my daughter; the silver threads that run through it and sparkle softly; the lovely green swirls... time for creating art!! the gorgeous colors of art papers; paper punches and inks and stamps and embossing powders; and powerful imaginative, creative WORDS... metallics that shine and sparkle; glue, paper, scissors and tape; an intimately personal way to send love and wishes... colorful and powerful reminders to laugh and to hope... and parties!!! with balloons and crepe paper and cake and champagne punch and laughter and gift giving and loving friendships and family... what's on YOUR gratitude list? go ahead... have a gratitude fling! we have sooooo much to be grateful for! hope you find some playing time to heal your soul and make you laugh.... party laughter wishes to you....


  1. Okay you must have subliminally messages me because I finally got around to reading blogs today, but just last night I posted about simple pleasures too. :)
    I love pashmina scarves! What a great gift!
    And what a lovely shot of the mountain. I love all the contrasts of the dry grass and the blue sky and the different blue of the mountain, green trees, white clouds - beautiful!

  2. Oh my, that mountain! It is just TOO lovely! I'm grateful for my health, my husband, and ice cream today!

  3. Thanks for popping by the blog, Shari...yeah, the sweaty crowds (of which I was one, let there be no doubt!) not so fun, especially on the subway. Ewwww...

  4. You are so creative and imaginative. I can hardly believe it. Where did you get it? My improvisations are so mild compared to yours. I wish I could imagine more. I loved your pictures and your flowery descriptions. Thank you so much for letting us into your world.