Thursday, August 5, 2010

creativity takes a few sidetrips...

the bohemian awoke to a hazy warm morning. the mountains were looking a bit surreal, as if they didn't truly possess any real substance. but off she went into the muggy morning, traipsing off to town for groceries and social engagements... ah...time for lunch break and social engagement #1: finding herself in historic old fairhaven and you know where... oh yes...back again to the little trolley diner for scrumptious fish and chips and chatting with a dear friend! and celebrating with new flip and pink always works for the bohemian, and throw in a little chocolate brown. and yes, they were just calling her name! creative side trip: bridal shower for her soon to be daughter-in-law. this is her darling niece and the toilet paper wedding dress the bohemian helped create for her. but of course, there was a train to sweep grandly along behind. creative side trip: decorating for vacation bible school at her church. the theme was high seas expedition. thus the whole ship effect... the bohemian loved what a few creative ladies did on the back wall... the lighthouse "rocks" are scrunched up brown paper grocery bags! it was so wonderfully 3-D! then they recreated it again at the little A-frame church, a smaller-scaled and shorter version. creative side trip: spray painted "rock" sheets the bohemian created years ago that get used every year and a faux campfire made of shimmery mylar and tissue paper and christmas lights. magic! it is so amazing how many uses the creative imagination can be put to. and making magical things happen for children is one of the bohemian's favorite ways to use hers!! may there be magical creations and splashes of summer color in your world today! hope you find some playing time... and use that lovely imagination of yours! it is such a gift!

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