Thursday, October 14, 2010

random images of beauty from south bohemia...

the bohemian is still visiting the bohemia of the southlands (costa rica). every day in the secret garden where clean clothes are hung up to dry in the fresh air, the bohemian spies butterflies visiting one of their favorite flowers... and every day as the bohemian visits the kitchen of the castle, where all the lovely aromas of frying garlic and onion waft through the doorway, these lovely hibiscus blossoms greet her. and once, she even spied a leaf fairy who gave her a shy but mischievous smile. she visited a lovely waterfall garden, with blooming blossoms galore and a variety of native animals (the hummingbirds were her favorite, although the jaguars have a rare and dangerous beauty of their own). the garden bathrooms were a treat to behold! a garden spot in its own right, with lush tropical beauty... cool water pouring from the stone spout into an intensely blue bowl... and a tiny green frog to show her the faucet handle... here she is...studying her spanish in the sunshine! it is the rainy season, so one must take advantage of the sun's warmth when it shines. by afternoon the rain will have set in.... the bohemian and her daughter came across this monster on one of their walks... they were thankful someone had slain it and it could no longer sting them. it was about the size of the bohemian's palm of her hand. flaming candles of brilliant red decorate the neighboring gardens. and the bohemian is in love with the patterns of the wrought iron everywhere... here is a sample of the butterflies' favorite blossoms... they come in a great variety of colors. the scenic valley wherein lies the bohemia of the southlands... bushes full of these laughing yellow sunbursts abound. and she DID get to see a toucan finally! but only inside of a wonderful tropical aviary.... candy-colored toucan wishes to you all... hope you take time to play today!


  1. Wow! SO beautiful! And that blue bee thing - ack!

    Glad you are having a wonderful time! :)

  2. Really lovely...thanks for sharing!