Monday, October 25, 2010

come away with the bohemian to this teal blue ocean... where all the flowers wear their glory in the warm sun. come up these wooden steps... to this sunny yellow room... with giant bed. come sit under this canopy beneath the stars with your feet in the sand; where the waiters bring you flower-scented water to rinse your hands before you dine on delicious fresh red snapper and sip fruit nectar in a glass... and are serenaded by the mariachi band. come walk along this stretch of soft, gritty sand and gently lapping waves... past the elaborate sign leading to... a beach made entirely of sea shells, and bits of shell. bob along with the bohemian in an aqua green/blue bath-water salt soak. rest your happy tootsies in the warm pacific sands. return home to your sunny yellow room to find freshly laundered towels in flower shapes and sprinkled with tropical blossoms. later, eat lunch back at the beach, serenaded by thee mariachi band. glory in the exquisite sunset along with the dancing fire flies. life is so very rich!! go get some for yourself! sandy wishes and flower-scented love to you...

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  1. How very very beautiful--and doing good work in a beautiful place? Perfect! Hope you're well and happy!