Saturday, November 20, 2010

the bohemian's island tour...

the Volcano Arenal in Costa Rica During her stay in Costa Rica, the bohemian got a chance to go on an adventure to Corn Island, Nicaragua. She traveled with her hubby, their missionary friends, and 2 very close friends... They traveled by car, bus, water taxi, car taxi, and finally, this cargo ship... a two days travel experience! Picture the bus ride from the movie "Romancing The Stone"... That's a story in itself. Highlight experiences: coconut buns... island beauty... beach time... palm trees and teal waters... warm tropical water... Mama Lola's... fresh papaya... fresh lobster... Hard to go from tropical bliss straight to Christmas at home... But she's so ready to celebrate the Christmas season. So away with the shorts and flip flops, and out with sweaters and socks. Winter love and cozy blanket hugs to all... For more of the bohemian's Costa Rican adventures... visit her travel blog.


  1. I was just wondering about you - wondering if you were home yet. Everything looks so nice and warm! That is going to be QUITE a change coming back.