Wednesday, November 24, 2010

things to do on a weekend at the farm...

The bohemian's last weekend out in the small village of Llano Verde, Costa Rica... She and her hubby stayed with the family who live in this small house there... Things to do there: watch the pot of beans cook on the fire... pick oranges off the tree (yes, they're ripe and sweet!)... fix the flat tire... stop and smell the flowers... laugh at the calf antics and go to sleep to the sound of cows mooing and chickens crowing... lay around and rest... help with English homework... ride horseback... help catch the chicken for supper... go to church... pet the "fern grass" (that's what the bohemian calls this grass, which cringes and folds up when you stroke it)... watch the cows go past on their way to the pasture... listen to children say Bible verses and sing songs... say farewells to the family we stayed with... (The bohemian's youngest daughter actually stayed all week in this village to be immersed in Spanish and help their son with his English. The parents are to the left, the 3 girls beside the bohemian belong to her missionary friends. That's her honey beside her and the son studying English, beside him. The other young man is a friend who is always visiting there.) And so the bohemian's visit to Bohemia of the south comes to an end. She says farewell to the warmth and beauty of Costa Rica and prepares herself for the winter weather hitting the Pacific Northwest right now. She wishes all of you a very warm and toasty Thanksgiving celebration. Have a gratitude Fling...make your list of all you have to be thankful for. Don't forget to list playfulness, then go out and play! Pumpkin-pie-with-whipped-cream wishes to you all...

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  1. pictures are lovely
    i am glad you are back and safe