Monday, December 13, 2010

the bohemian's back in town...

the bohemian is so GLAD to be back home after her 3 months away! it's been raining like crazy and the creeks have flooded... but her mountain peeked out at her today. it's good! life's good! one of the things she did while in colorado was visit this christmas house. it was crazy overkill and so awesome!! the whole house was covered with row after row of lights... and it put on a fantastic light show set to awesome guitar christmas music (think transiberian orchestra's carol of the bells) which came over the radio on a certain local station. house, garage, driveway, front yard, porch, back yard... all of it covered in masses of lights... flashing in time to christmas music... the bohemian had to see it TWICE!! so glad to be home and setting out her nativity collections...this one from Haiti in front of a painting from trinidad. and her little christmas fairy wishing all of you a meaningful and joyous christmas season with twinkly lights and holiday laughter and maybe a snowflake or two... (have you been playing while i was gone? i hope so!!)

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  1. Hey, welcome back stateside! As rewarding as I'm sure your travels were, how nice to be home! Merry Christmas!