Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Black Book, and Morning Pages...

 okay. i'm doing things a new way. new things to learn...not my favorite thing.  i like it when i find what i like and it stays that way... forever.  sigh.  what planet am i from, you ask?  my planet's called Magic Bubble, and the Land of Bohemia is there...  the above picture is the cover of my Black Book.
 i loved this image and found this word. i liked it and so it was finished...
 The darkest hour only has 60 minutes."  -Morris Mandel.  -a good reminder for a book with dark themes.
 this is a daily page from my Morning Pages book.  the rain has been pretty unrelenting here.  along with snow that just wouldn't seem to go away.  and not to be petty or shallow but somehow that nice hot cup of coffee DOES make it seem more bearable!  "waiting for Hanna" means my first grandchild is 1 month away from me being able to hold and cuddle her!!!  i can't wait!!
 more daily pages...
hope your corner of the world is ablaze with the glory of Springtime!  artsy fartsy love and cherry blossom wishes to you all...


  1. Your creativity always inspires!

  2. superb!!!
    every page is cool
    i also love your new picture in your profile
    so stylish and lovely
    hugs my dear sister friend