Tuesday, May 10, 2011

windowsill love... recycled art...

 the bohemian loves her kitchen windowsill. yes, it get cluttered but it holds the loveliest of things!  right now, it is displaying camellias from the bush just outside the window. and a few periwinkles.  both are flowers planted by her hubby's grandmother. she had a wonderful way with flowers! unlike the bohemian herself, who has a black thumb, incapable of keeping plants alive.  thus, she must forever steal pleasure from the work of others' hands. as far as gardening, anyways.
 purple periwinkle pleasure...
 also on her kitchen windowsill... her charming fairy in a jar. made for her by Carmen.  behind the fairy are her party lights and in front of the fairy, a collection of tiny rocks dislodged from the bottom of a metal vase. they are awaiting a new home.
 isn't she just adorable and radiating mischief?
 here is the new set of cards for her exchange group. the challenge: recycle, reuse.  the strips on the right-hand side of the cards are leftover scraps of faux encaustic wax backgrounds the bohemian had made some time ago. the burgundy bird and his tan wing were punched out of a disposable coffee cup. same with the teal bird's wing.  the pale purple background paper on the left is wrapping paper. the tan-ish background paper on the right is from floral paper they wrap around flower bouquets. the crayon quote is about the faux encaustic wax... it's made by coloring on a hot iron with color crayons then applying it to paper. it is a fun and addicting process...hard to stop! but a great way to use up those broken crayons!!
 these two cards weren't made for any special purpose....just using up odds and ends. the butterflies in the baggie (right side of pic) were inspired by a card seen in the royal mother's magazine...still working on finishing those ones up.
pink border made with the bohemian's favorite border punch.  butterflies punched with the bohemian's new punch.  nothing homemade on these, just a lot of scrapping papers! o yes, and the dark teal color? came from an envelope, believe it or  not!   Art is always just laying around all around you!  don't forget to look for it and USE it for creativity!   blossomy blooming fragrant wishes to you all,  and recycled art love...


  1. lovely windowsill and what great recycling! I love your cards; those are so creative. I get all these crafty ideas but when I come to actually trying to do them MY black thumb kills the craftiness. LOL. I'll stick to writing.

  2. Lovely flowers! I like my kitchen windowsill, too, where my chicken collection resides (and other things, occasionally, as well!)