Thursday, August 18, 2011

are there fairies a Fair?

well....... the bohemian saw this fairy house but no fairies were seen in residence. maybe they came out at night to dance and play... but the bohemian DID see: a 20lb. cabbage... a gorgeous giant dahlia dressed in her favorite colors.... draft horses!!!! the bohemian LOVES the draft horses while at the same time being terrified of their hugeness... the horse show... a pink tractor... here is the bohemian with her daughter-in-laws and her precious granddaughter.... a "QUILT DIVA" quilt that made her laugh out loud! again... in her favorite colors! the royal princess thought it was funny too! she had a GREAT time at her first ever Fair... she hopes you made it to the state fair in your neck of the woods... fair time wishes and barnyard love to all....


  1. I love the colors of that quilt too! I love the horses. Was the dahlia real? So beautiful :)

  2. The pink tractor is fab! I just came back from a trip back to the homestead, as it were, and we visited relatives in small-town Ohio, where I got to go to their county fair. Loved it!