Tuesday, August 9, 2011

romping with the panda bears...

yes, this has been the face of bohemia darn near all summer. well, there have been a few sunbreaks. but the bohemian is definately vitamin D deficient!!! so... for a week and a half, she stole away to "somewhere else"... "somewhere" through this old white door... where her eyes were dazzled with parasols and peacock feathers... where gold silk and chinese lanterns decorated the ceilings, and panda bears roamed... (as well as other wild things...such as children aged 3 to 12...) dragonflies hovered... and peonies bloomed in doorways... peonies and cherry blossoms filled every space... and exotic birds perched on exotic greenery... and the bamboo was made out of recycled paper towel tubes and curling ribbon... oh yes! the bohemian had so much fun at vacation bible school again this year!!! PANDAMANIA... "where God is WILD about you!!!' and the latest grandma update... the bohemian is SOOO in love with this child!! hug your loved ones tight and don't forget to play and sing and dance with children! what a marvelous way to stay young (even if it's simply "at heart") fuzzy black and white cuddle wishes to you...


  1. I love that quote "God is wild about you" for VBS! Adorable!

  2. Me too (what Jen said)! And I love that awesome room! How creative, those bamboo sticks from paper towel rolls!! It was just lovely seeing these pictures. And what a precious sweetie pie, your granddaughter! I spent yesterday holding and kissing and making goofy faces for my new 3-month-old cousin, so I hear ya!

  3. What a beautiful baby! So much fun, babies!