Tuesday, October 11, 2011


NO! the bohemian is not trying out her pirate growl for Halloween costuming! Blogger is frustrating her SO MUCH RIGHT NOW!! she has been trying to post for days now. today she was able to upload two pictures. ONE. AT. A. TIME. and then blogger refused to post any more. not even one at a time. the bohemian is so sorry to any of you popping in for a lovely post... she will keep trying. she promises! arrrrrrgh. she wants to have patience but she doesn't want to have to USE it!!! happy halloween decorating to you all!!! now she needs to go write in her gratitude journal and remind herself of how beautiful her life is and that even though blogger is the bogeyman right now, she will hold onto her JOY!!! rain-kissed wishes to you all....


  1. Boo! I'm having technology gremlins too! The webcam software on my computer just up and disappeared, for no reason at all. Even my smart tech guy was mystified...

  2. you have patience i know you do!