Wednesday, October 5, 2011

a travel journal...

the bohemian is finally finishing up another travel journal. this one had captured memories from some of her shorter trips around her own country, rather than her travels abroad. snippets of the pages she prepared for her trip to S. Dakota to visit her brother. she always includes a travel alphabet... and embellishments. and stickers. and stamps... and ephemera picked up along the way... (passport stamp from Theodore Roosevelt Nat'l Park, and a real butterfly, who committed suicide on the grill of her sister's convertible). winter is advancing quickly... sit by your fire, drag out the journals, and relive the memories of warmer, more adventurous days of your life. be warm and safe out there...


  1. one of my most favorite treasures is a journal I kept when I was 16, on a 3 month road trip with my parents. (We traveled around the USA)I love re-reading it and reliving those moments, even if the 16 year old angst kind of dominated much of the scenery!
    your journal is a work of art!!

  2. Lovely! I always want to make a travel journal but then never do!

  3. oh i love it!
    i can comment again yay!!!!