Wednesday, November 2, 2011

an appetite, a feeling, and a love...

Wordsworth: "...Their colors and their forms were to me then an appetite, a feeling, and a love..." What an incredibly gorgeous Fall in bohemia this year!! the bohemian ate hungrily of the intense colors in the world around her and she was nearly satisfied...or so she thought. even the rain did not dim her wonder and delight at the sights she drank with her eyes. but a rainstorm, a violent wind, and a frost later and she was mourning the downfall of the leaves which heralded the starkness of winter coming. only the joy and anticipation of the coming holidays lightened the gloom descending... and the rumor of snowflake dances coming, and the threat of glistening crystals on the windowpanes. she truly hopes that this month will bring blessings, and LISTS of blessing as we count each and every one. and she hopes for you a tablefull of yummy wishes, too. happy November!

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  1. gorgeous!! I so love fall and I really enjoy everyone's beautiful fall fotos!