Wednesday, November 16, 2011

it's coming... it's coming...

it's coming! a big storm... the wind is battering the cottage and the rain is belting sideways down the windowpanes. it's coming and there's christmas music playing softly and the woodfire is warm. it's coming and it's time for a gratitude fling!! the bohemian is SO thankful for: thanksgiving time, a gathering of family, laughter and stories and turkey and gravy and her children near, her warm cottage when the wind and rain rage outside the door, constant comment orange tea to soothe her sore throat, good books to read under a blanket. (just a few of the best things in her life) it's coming... and she has been busy, busy making christmas tags! (browse through and enjoy...) it's coming and it's time to count down with anticipation... and so it's almost time for advent calenders!!! it's coming... and she needs to make squares for the advent calendars, lots and lots of squares, lots of 'em! 00ps...oh... a tangent: the paste paper snowflake tag she mentioned last time... half an advent calender to go (times 4... one for each daughter/daughter-in-law)... it's coming and the bohemian hopes you are knee deep into christmas joy and creations. and NO, it's not too early for christmas music and watching Elf and the Grinch!! and listening to "baby, it's cold outside" and smiling quietly.... cheery, holiday joy wishes to you today....


  1. Wow, beautiful tags! We have a winter storm warning here...Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog and for feeding Lucy when you're by! :-)

  2. Beautiful tags! I need to get busy around here! Happy Thanksgiving!