Wednesday, December 21, 2011

oh my! it's almost here!!

merry almost Christmas, from Bohemia!! the bohemian chose a rather smallish tree this year and just put on her nativity collection, with lights and a few merry colored balls and dancing icicles... (the tree is standing in an old pickle crock!!) sadly, (and she IS sad!), the weatherman has predicted no snow for the pacific northwest for Christmas. she made a few presents and a pile of cards and a doorhanger which she concocted for her fairy grandchild... she snapped a picture or two of the royal mother and princess sister at Molbak's, in front of the startlingly beautiful poinsettia tree. now THAT is a place to visit to get into the spirit of Christmas!! acres of poinsettias (the bohemian had no idea they came in so many colors!), and trees of every theme, color, and size... ornaments so varied that NO one could come away without finding"just the very thing"... the bohemian and her royal honey played mr. and mrs. claus at the nearby village grill. she helped the children frost cookies and make ornaments for their trees. and had a blast doing it!! she wishes all of you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas celebration and prays for blessings for you throughout the coming new year! twinkling hopes and starlit wishes to you all...