Wednesday, December 28, 2011

gratitude produces hope in the dark days of winter...

the party lights are on... to drive away the dark and stormy night... time for a gratitude fling: *peppermint tea * Christmas lights that stay up late into January * fig bars * jigsaw puzzles * chicken soup * simplicity at Christmastime * quiet time with God * fuzzy blankets * warm woodstove fires * toasted sourdough bread * new appliances: popcorn popper, skillet, electric massage cushion for the royal chair * grandbaby giggles and snuggles * all the kids and their families around the dining room table * watching the cousins laugh together * new pink fuzzy socks with black polka dots... What's on YOUR gratitude list? happy new year wishes and prayers for a blessed new year for you all!

1 comment:

  1. now you are talking about peppermint tea, you know what i tried for the very first time: eggnog tea and love it! now i am wondering if maybe next year i will try the real eggnog never had one before and people tells me that you love or you really don't so now i am curious
    i am so thankful for so many things specially for all of my online friends specially for you and your great energy you transmit to me
    thank YOU!!!
    and God bless you and your family
    happy new year!!!!!