Tuesday, January 3, 2012

last bohemian pictures of 2011:

december's chilly rains put some snow pack on the majestic bohemian mountains... the bohemian's kitchen windows glowed with Christmas spirit all through the holidays... and an O So Special Christmastime with the fairy-grandchild... she provided ever so much entertainment and laughter. she has been a HUGE blessing to the bohemian fairy-grandmother this year! she fell asleep in her tutu! O My Gosh! the bohemian's heart is enthralled... Mr. Santa and his Grinch (hand-made by the drama queen daughter)... bohemian sky art, provided as one storm after the other rolled through the valley... snow white frosty new year wishes and vanilla sunset dreams to you all...


  1. Hi and Happy New Year! I love your gorgeous Christmas window, all glowing warmly, invitingly, and even magically. How sweet the fairy grandchild. She must be around my little cousin's age (just turned 8mos in Dec), who's presence definitely made this Christmas so much more special. And Mr. Santa makes a fine looking Santa! He looks like the real thing. Shari, you will definitely be on my list if and when I change my blog and I look forward to more project collaborations with you!

  2. As always, the mountain is just gorgeous but that baby girl is truly beautiful! How fun to have a little one at Christmas; we spent the holiday with my mom and my niece and her 18.-mo.-old daughter. The wiggy plant in my last blog post is some sort of agave. They bloom like that and then the mother plant dies, but at the bottom it makes tons of little plants called "pups." That's not my plant--it's on our walk route...amazing!