Thursday, January 19, 2012

using "random" to make "beauty"...

these cards were born of a challenge kit, a random collection of supplies, without rhyme or reason. the bohemian was so stumped and uninspired at first. but then the magic happened and the supplies just assembled themselves into piles... and voila! the above cards include black photo corners, which became "hinges" on the "books". the floral corners were a prestamped image the bohemian cut into fourths. the "hope" and "friend" were cut from a prestamped block of words. the fiber and border strip were added, with random "doodads" from the kit. this one had the punched green flower shape and the bright yellow silk flower, which the bohemian grunged up a little. the moose/tree and the cabin/tree were a piece of paper included in the kit, as was the border behind the "beauty" word, which the bohemian stamped in multi inks. the black paper was in the kit, so the bohemian punched it with her snowflake punch to add drama to those little circles (which the bohemian was not excited about). she also stamped the white card behind the flower layer with a "tree" stamp that she off-stamped to make it really subtle. all of these pieces came in the kit, except the fish which the bohemian made by inking white paper, covering it in the plastic background which the stickers came on (because it looked "scale-y). here, she used up the rest of that moose/cabin/tree paper. she again punched a snowflake out of the black paper included in the kit, cut the snowflake in half to create an interesting edge to the stamped background with the word on it. more black photo corners used as corner accents. the screw brad was included in the kit. these last two cards used the die cut tags, the rest of the diamond/dot 3-D stickers, another ''grunged" silk flower, and the last moose image of the paper piece. the tan backgrounds for the tags are wooden sample plaques for countertop faux woodgrain. and then there was those two little doohickies beside the "hope" but there were no brads in the kit, so the bohemian glued them on and filled the holes with dimensional fabric paint to mimic brads. she really did have fun accepting the challenge of taking all these random, unmatching things and making something of beauty with them! not to be corny but what a great life philosophy, right? hope your day is made beautiful with the random, unmatched minutes and hours that you turn into something lovely... creative dreams and hodgepodge wishes to you all... don't forget to play. and look around for unusual things with which to create art. it's a fun life, isn't it?

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