Wednesday, January 18, 2012

bohemia in white...

oh yes! bohemia is draped in white today! actually it started on saturday night... this was the piccture out the window on monday, as it had continued to snow all day and night... this was the picture on tues! monday... tuesday... 20 inches and still snowing... it's wednesday and it's still snowing! what a fun winter storm!! but prayers go out to those who are having hardships because of the weather... a little art peek: a two page spread for a friend's round robin book titled: women. she used a floral themed photo album, which was really fun to work in! the bohemian knew those lace scraps would be perfect! and the beautiful little girl, watering her flowers and sharing their joy... and a favorite quote about the faith she and her friend share... altered round robin for another friend in the same stamping group. she used a blank chipboard book, which was a little more challenging to work in. her theme: self-portrait. so the bohemian covered the pages with images and words of things the bohemian loves... it's quite a busy collage but she had fun putting it together. back to the weather... her windowsill snowmen are soooo happy!! two feet of snow and still snowing.... fluffy snowball dreams and sparkly white wishes to you all... don't forget to play today, whether it's snowball fights or splashy mudpuddles or sandcastles or walks in the desert heat... carpe diem!

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  1. Wow! A true winter wonderland...kind of awesome, especially to me, who never sees it!