Wednesday, August 22, 2012

random summer fun...

1.  snuggling the fairy grandchild: delightful!!! (she's wondering...who IS that in the mirror?)

2.  the gorgeous bohemian mountains...they put on spectacular cloud shows!!

3.  face paint and smiles... and SUNSHINE!!!
4.  waterballoon fun! and the hot summer day to go along with it!
hope your summer so far has been filled with fun and sun.  and cool refreshment, if you live in a hot, dry place!  don't forget to play... how long has it been since you threw a waterballoon (or got hit with one?)??  try it, you'll like/love it!  blissful, sun-warmed days are wished to you!! from the tanned and smiling bohemian.
P.S.:  guess what?!  fairy granchild #2 is due any day!!! woo hoo!! fairy grandmother joy is abounding!!!!

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