Monday, July 23, 2012


This is the bohemian's "blogger-doesn't-love-me" post...  (boo hoo...thinks she'll eat some worms...poor, pitiful her...)so again, she will try to load 1. picture. at. a. time. So as to sneak up on the cursed thing!
update on the fairy grandchild...she's walking and has a little brother on the way!!!  happy, happy fairy grandmother!!!
and this was the 4th picture she loaded. and blogger put it here!!!!  just a  sample of recent card-making...
the bohemian in center
so... this is where blogger decide to put THIS picture... hmmm. anyways. the bohemian's church has been putting on a kids' program every monday in a poor neighborhood about 30 mins away toward the mountains.  they clown and serve lunches and do puppets and skits and crafts and face painting... Of course the bohemian has been having a BLAST!!!************************************************
and so. the bohemian has snuck 4whole pictures onto her blog!! yes, they are quite willy-nilly thanks to blogger, but she will take what she can get!!!  and she is knee-deep into vacation Bible school and will hopefully be able to share with you some of the Bible story sets she has created for the kiddos...   But. for now. this is what the bohemian has been up this summer-that-never-quite-came.  bohemia has rained and sprinkled and sun-baked and chilled then cooked the bohemian!  mostly she has just been rained upon.  the  bohemian is well aware of the awful weather which other parts of the land have been suffering through. so she will try not to be pouty and selfish and spoiled-brattish (mmhmm! she thinks that IS a real word!)!   so she sends you all her best rain-filled wishes from underneath her colorful umbrella! and as soon as she  can remember where she puts those darn rose-colored glasses, she will post again. soon. she hopes. blogger willing...


  1. Oooh, I'd love to smooch that baby's little smiley face! She is gorgeous, and congrats on the impending arrival. As always, your cards are fab. And VBS? When I was a kid, I loved it so that I would go around to all the different churches' VBSs, even if we weren't a member of that church. So funny...