Monday, October 1, 2012

1st of October...

knee-deep into autumn, and the weather in bohemia is unusually dry and unseasonably warm.  and no rain looms on the weather forecaster's horizon.
on the first day of october, the morning weather in bohemia is cold! brrrrr! but clear...soon to be sunny! and a visit to the chiropractor is on the schedule for the day.  aching limbs and last week's raging headache are to be expelled!!

 and pumpkin picking. that is on the list for today.  the last few cold mornings have shriveled up the vines and wilted the giant leaves and the bright orange baby pumpkin faces are grinning up at the bohemian.

 and packing... that's on the list also! packing for a train ride. a lovely train ride to the Women of Faith conference in Portland. with the royal sister.  the bohemian is smiling in anticipation...

and ghost cat has his halloween costume all picked out for this year... have you?  do sweet little trick or treaters, all dressed up in their imaginations, come knocking at your door?  last year, the bohemian had NONE! she was sad.  but this year, she will at least have grandchildren to come knocking... yes, she's smiling some more.   happy autumn pumpkiny wishes to you...

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  1. Sweet pumpkins...I saw gorgeous ones I'd never seen before in Texas. My husband talked me out of buying one and carrying it on the plane! what a darling cat!