Friday, October 12, 2012

Portland sparkled in the sun...

beautiful window in train station
she took the train, along with her sister, to the Women Of Faith conference in Portland.
shadow of beautiful window at train station, cast upon the other wall
the train wandered past mountains that were snowcapped and water that was sparkling in the sunshine. through towns and cities. past big beautiful train stations and past train stations that looked like bus stops.

ceiling tiles and lights in the Portland train station.
it was a rather delicious way to travel! comfy seats and picture windows. gorgeous views and good conversation. and of course, coffee.
they  stepped off the train in Portland to sunshine and mid-seventies weather.  the hotel shuttle picked them up and took them only a few blocks to their comfy hotel.  for naps. then shopping. then hot tubbing and swimming. and a delicious dinner of teriyaki salmon and coconut basmati rice. and, of course, coffee.
clock tower at Portland train station
a day of shopping at Lloyd Center shopping mall, one of the oldest in the pacific northwest, brought back memories. as a kid, coming home from visiting relatives in southern oregon, Lloyd Center was the stop for school coats and shoes. the bohemian remembers it as huge! with a giant ice skating rink in the middle!

in reality...

just a nice mall...

with a little skating rink in it....but the bohemian DID find a pair of beautiful boots. for only $22! and a scarf with colors that go with everything she owns. and, of course, there was coffee!

and the Women Of Faith conference was incredible and wonderful and uplifting in so many ways... the music, the ballet, the laughter, the sharing, the tears... 8500 women with their cell phone lights on in the dark. clapping and whistling as loud in the Garden stadium as when the trailblazers play.  but in tribute to Jesus and His love...  such joy!

and an amazing artist  who painted. while they listened to the most beautiful music!!

.               yes, it was truly one of those most special weekends, on a particularly sunny and warm weekend. in october. in the beautiful city of Portland.   wishing you beautiful autumn days full of Jesus' love...


  1. aaaah, love this post! I love traveling by train-- only done it a few times --out of B'ham to Vancouver but what fun! And once it was to go to Women of Faith in BC! have not been to a WOF Conf. in several years now and I miss it! Glad you were so blessed in the adventure. We've been spoiled this fall. It's been lovely.

  2. I adore Portland and seriously contemplated moving there in the late 1990s...looks like a lovely trip!