Monday, March 4, 2013

almost time for tulips!

O! it's a bright shiny sunny day in bohemia!! it's so beautiful today! there was frost this morning, so the whole scene outside her window is sparkling in the sunlight! the bohemian is so thankful  to live in this gorgeous place...

***ART PROJECTS:  she has been working in a friends altered book themed "tulips"...

*first page:
she's been saving this picture of these two little darling girls in their bright pink dresses with those gorgeous orangey-pink tulips with shockingly yellow centers... PERFECT!
*page 2:
she's been saving this adorable but slightly bemused cherub in denim with her purple tulips... these were so perfect for her friend's tulip book! and so, now the bohemian feels justified over her office-sized file cabinet stuffed to over-flowing with collected images.... her powers of justification are immense!

*page 3:  images of beautiful little girls blissfully enjoying the tulip fields which grow in the nearby valley...
the background on this page, with which the bohemian wasn't entirely happy, was first embossed in clear embossing powder to create a mask, then inked with lime green... came out kinda messy rather than popping the pattern out.  sigh.
ALSO outside her window today, she spied a fuzzy brown squirrel playing in the cedar tree. as she was watching and laughing at his antics, she noticed a shock of cobalt blue on the feathers of a stellar jay among the green boughs of the tree.  and then, just beyond the tree, she caught a glimpse of  the startling white of a pair of trumpeter swans flying over the field below the cottage. and again, she thanked God for letting her live in such a gorgeous place with such beauty and vivid colors surrounding her. she hopes you find gorgeous beauty surrounding you today.  and wishes you the loveliest day, with sunlight sparkling like diamonds in every one of your mudpuddles... don't forget to PLAY!!

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  1. So sweet! Looks as if your artist's block is gone for sure!