Tuesday, March 5, 2013

newest fairy grandchild:

TA DA:  she's here! vienna rose...
of course, she's now a month old... time flies when you're having grandbabies... this was at the hospital shortly ofter her birth. she was 6 weeks early (5lbs, 10 ozs.). now she's over 6lbs.  *the fairy grandmother's in love again!!
the bohemian helped the drama queen daughter decorate for St. Patty's day... she lives beside a bus stop near a college, so she loves to give the bus riders a smile...
shamrocks, of course! some, the bohemian cut out in shamrock shape. others were cut in hearts and put together in their shamrock shape...
and of course, the penguins, who held the heart between them last month, must share a shamrock this month!
there was a beautiful sign of spring in the drama queen daughter's fairy tree garden... and PURPLE ones beside the trellis!  O!!!  spring is coming! spring is coming!
exchange card group challenge: envelope cards. these cards are long envelopes folded in half to make square cards. she had this funky felt stuff from somewhere... one roll lime, one roll teal...  yummy!   sending wishes for a lovely blooming march and a very green St. Patty's day (so you don't get pinched!)...   MAKE SOME ART!

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  1. What a precious angel! So glad she's doing well (my great-niece was born 5 weeks early and is A-OK; she's turning 3 next month).