Saturday, July 25, 2009


for the pleasure of the ride...
the resident artist got a commissioned work of art finished and mailed, giving her great joy and satisfaction. the tree picture was inspired by a Marion Couthhouy Smith poem:
Go, then, and plant a tree,
lovely in sun and shadow,
gracious in every kind---
maple and oak and pine.
Peace of the forest glade,
wealth of the fruitful meadow,
blessings of dew and shade,
hereafter shall be thine.
then... off to town to mail said objects of art, and do a few other errands (the bohemian HATES errands! they are positively NOT on my "joy to-do" list!). when the bohemian's wild gypsy children were young, the son named brandon asked her once Why they always had to do "aarons" (the other son's name), why couldn't they do some "brandons"! oh, the minds of young children...providing endless entertainment!!!
this is part of why our bohemian hates "town errands"... but at least the view was fabulous!
it's not that the bohemian hates her "town". it's a very lovely town! when she had a few spare moments to play, she pretended she was a tourist and went around snapping pictures...
and found the most outrageous used book store, which will take many trips to town to explore fully (yes, she found some treasures to take home with her).
she found her eccentric daughter's favorite shop...
it happened to be closed but look at this oh-my-gosh adorable chandelier that was in the window!!! yes...there are chores and errands to be done, but don't forget to LOOK for the JOY moments. and PLAY!! ALWAYS PLAY! therein lies great JOY...

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