Sunday, July 5, 2009

today is about the JOY...

i have become a joy rebel with brandi reynolds. one of the "missions" is to make JOY lists. so here goes a short one of mine: things that give JOY to my world... who doesn't love ORANGE rubber boots?! if they make you feel good, wear them! more joy:
birds at the songbird cafe and my summer flowers...
blackberries coming on! woohoo!
blessed joy moments to all!


  1. These three things would give anyone a sense of joy! You live in SUCH a gorgeous place!

  2. i like this idea!
    and i certainly love lists!

    p.s. i am back home, i would love to prepare your package sometime this week.
    (please know this)

  3. who wouldn't be happy with orange boots! love them!