Sunday, January 10, 2010

it's a new day... a new year. our bohemian's craft retreat weekend is coming quickly! she is one excited bohemian... she agreed to teach a card-making class. hmmm... lots of planning, lots of organizing, lots of cutting to make kits... her dining room table has become an assembly line production workspace. here's a tri-fold card she made for her 17 yr old daughter: there sure has been wonderful morning sky shows around here lately!!! that's on the days its not raining here in the northwest. morning splendor. our bohemian can't stop smiling when she sees these skies. and she is definitely NOT a morning person!! but coffee and a brilliant sunrise, and VIOLA! she's like a morning person... a lovely orange daily journal page: and a fun bauble dangling in the window of her craft room: her stained glass snowflake catching light in the window (excuse the "party lights" in the picture...if she calls them "party lights", she can leave them up all year round, right? of course right!) happy january winter wishes to all... may you have your pleasure of snowflakes or sunshine, whichever you prefer. remember the golden rule and remember its our turn...


  1. hello shari! thank you for your sweet note and checking in w/me. since sept. i've been working pretty much full time and it has kept me from blogland! darn job! ;o) But, i'm going to try to get back this year. what a lovely post you just did here, and that cute picture of the little girl saying "hello" on the right is you, isn't it! what a cutie pie!!! take care, and thanks again for checking in --Robin

  2. Wow, you do keep so busy with creative endeavors! I'm a wee bit envious...I seem to spend my time putting things away instead of making time to create...

  3. Well I realize that by the time I've commented on this it could be over but congratulations/goof luck with the card making class!

    And I am completely with you on the not a morning person until you see a beautiful sunrise thing - that always perks me right up!